Pre-Congress Workshops 21 April 2020, Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town

Workshop in German: Dr. med Jochen Peichl, Germany 

Innere Kritiker, Verfolger, Zerstörer: die Arbeit mit sogenannten maladaptiven Ego-States (6 Stunden)

Der Kern jeder traumatischen Erfahrung ist die Grenzverletzung, Grenzüberschreitung und die Grenzauflösung. Die reaktive Abwehr im Opfer nennen wir „Introjektion“- eine Ursache für die Bildung von Ego-States nach Watkins. Im Workshop bespreche ich die unterschiedliche Entstehung, die Funktion und den therapeutischen Umgang mit diesen sogenannten maladaptiven und verletzenden Ego-States. 

CV: Dr. med Jochen Peichl ist Facharzt für Psychotherapie und Psychosomatische Medizin, Psychiatrie und Neurologie. Er war bis Ende 2010 als Oberarzt in der Klinik für Psychosomatik am Klinikum Nürnberg und ist jetzt in eigener Kassenpraxis, als Weiterbilder in Teiletherapie und Autor tätig. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Somatoforme Störungen, Borderline-Störungen und traumaassozierte Störungen. Weiterbildung als Psychoanalytiker am Lou-Andreas-Salome Institut Göttingen, Psychodramatherapeut und Gruppentherapeut. Dr. Peichl ist Gründer der Station zur Behandlung von Menschen mit Traumafolge-störungen 1993 in Nürnberg, Weiterbildung in EMDR-Therapie bei Arne Hofmann, in Ego-State-Therapie bei Woltemade Hartman und Hypnotherapieweiterbildung bei Gunther Schmidt und Bernhard Trenkle. Er hat mehrerer Bücher und Fachartikel zum Thema hypnotherapeutische Arbeit mit inneren Anteilen veröffentlicht und ist Gründer des Instituts für Hypno-analytische Teilearbeit und Ego-State-Therapie in Nürnberg in 2010. 

Workshop in English: Dr Woltemade Hartman, Ph.D (South Africa)  and Dr Maggie Phillips, Ph.D (USA)
Advanced workshop focusing on Hypnosis, Pain, Ego State Therapy and Body therapeutic approaches.

6 Hours: Two 3 hour workshops

Dr Maggie Phillips, Ph.D, USA

Freedom from emotional and physical pain: Polyvagal solutions 

This advanced workshop emphasizes how chronic pain, as well as atypical and complex pain, can be better understood and treated by polyvagal solutions including special co-regulation skills. Workshop components include lecture and discussion, live demonstrations, experiential practice, and case consultation. During the workshop attention will be given to the following: Understanding the complex links between trauma and pain; Review the latest advancements in pain treatment; The importance of movements and rhythm to repair sympathetic dominance; Understanding absent social engagement responses;  Simple Ways to turn on the power of the ventral vagal “flow”; How to stimulate vagal afferents to promote self-regulation; Breathing and other somatic methods to release the dorsal vagal shutdown; Co-regulation: Moving between “I” and “We”; Working with the “I” of Pain in Ego-State Therapy: How ego states can “make” or “break” the healing of pain; How to prevent medical trauma by resolving negative effects of past surgeries.

Maggie Phillips, Ph.D, lives and works as a clinical psychologist in the Oakland Hills above the San Francisco Bay. She has taught at major conferences and offered invited workshops on trauma, Somatic Experiencing, hypnosis, Ego-State Therapy, EMDR, behavioral medicine, and Energy Psychology throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Japan. As the author of numerous papers and articles on trauma, dissociation, ego-state therapy, hypnosis, and mind-body healing, she specializes in the treatment of traumatic stress and pain disorders. She is on the faculty of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and is a Fellow of both the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Dr. Phillips is co-recipient of the Cornelia Wilbur award from International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation and of the President’s Award and the Crasilneck award for the best new writing in the field of hypnosis from ASCH.  She is the author of four books. Her latest book, Freedom From Pain: Discover Your Body’s Power to Overcome Physical Pain, was written with Peter Levine and was released in May, 2012, by Sounds True. Her third book, Reversing Chronic Pain, was released in October, 2007. Her other books are Finding the Energy to Heal (W.W. Norton, 2000) and Healing the Divided Self (W.W. Norton, 1995). She has also recorded three well-regarded CD programs on pain: Hypnosis: The Pain Solution and Hypnosis: The Headache Solution, as well as a new 2-CD audio program published by Sounds True on Freedom From Pain. Creator of a highly effective multi-media online pain self-help program at, as well as a CD pain self-coaching program for success and numerous audio downloads, Maggie has also developed a popular monthly teleseminar & webinar series featuring experts in the fields of hypnosis, stress reduction, and mindbody health ( As an innovator in mindbody healing and the treatment of persistent pain and trauma reactions, Dr. Phillips is particularly interested in the interface of trauma, dissociation, and emotional and physical pain conditions.

Dr Woltemade Hartman Ph.D, South Africa

Body Trance: Hypnosis, Touch and Embodiment for Complex Trauma.

Trauma causes internal chaos created when a devastating moment is frozen in time. It impedes psychological growth and the unfolding of being. It disconnects us from ourselves others, nature and spirit. Ericksonian and hypno-systemic therapists nowadays look more like treasure hunters seeking the unrecognized diamonds and resources in their clients’ personalities and bodies.  A combined hypno-somatic approach is a powerful tool in helping traumatized clients plumb for the best in themselves and assist directly to untap rough diamonds such as resources of determination, survival, resiliency, hope, optimism and love that ultimately allow them to flourish again, both physically and emotionally.   In this workshop participants will learn techniques for enhancing experiential activation of untapped trauma and resources by using hypno-somatic techniques. Special emphasis will be placed on how to utilize therapeutic touch in a delegate and ethical way, advance embodiment, design corrective experiences and to recreate re-balance, self-regulation, wholeness, coherence and “flow”. When combining touch and embodiment in the treatment of complex trauma, it is essential to work slowly with the physiological system and to bring stability to the body prior to renegotiating the trauma. When the therapist tracks the physical sensations, he/she must have the tools to check how the body deals with the gravitational space and needs to know how to open the client's haptic system to facilitate self-regulation. To achieve this goal the therapist should utilize both trance and touch as powerful therapeutic tools. The haptic system is a concept introduced by the American evolutionary psychologist James Gibson, which according to him, is a system that coordinates and gives and receives information interactively from the internal and external environment. Designed for both beginners and experienced therapists, this workshop will also feature live clinical demonstrations. The workshop will have a lecture-demonstration-practise format where participants will learn hands-on techniques to use in their work with traumatized clients.

Woltemade Hartman (Ph.D) is a Clinical and Educational Psychologist, and psychotherapist in private practice in Pretoria, South Africa.  He received his training as an Ericksonian psychotherapist at the Ericksonian Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Dr Hartman also trained as an Ego State therapist with Prof J.G. Watkins and Mrs H. Watkins in Missoula, Montana, USA.  He is the author of “Ego state therapy with sexually traumatized children” and “Einführung in die Ego-State Therapie”, as well as various articles on the topic of hypnosis and psychotherapy. Dr Hartman is the Founding Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institutes of South Africa (MEISA). He currently serves as Secretary and Treasurer of Ego State Therapy International (ESTI). Woltemade is an executive board member of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) and also serves as Chairperson of the Council of Representatives on this board. Dr Hartman is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Psychology at the University of Johannesburg and lectures in South Africa, ermany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. He has been a Keynote Speaker at various international congresses. Dr Hartman is the recipient of the 2009 Early Career Award for Innovative Contributions to Hypnosis from the International Society of Hypnosis. He is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Eye Movement Integration (EMI), EdxTM (Energy Psychology), Impact Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, Soma and Somatic Experiencing (SE).

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