At present, behaviour therapy is probably more evidence based than other methods according to international research at least in terms of academic efficacy. In this workshop, basic concepts of behaviour therapy are introduced with emphasis on South African celebrities. One topic to be dealt with is “experiential avoidance” of clients reporting habitually in a circumstantial and detailed manner about the past and thereby stressing the patience of the therapist. Another topic will be behavioural addictions like pathological gambling, internet addiction, workaholics and compulsive buying and the illustration of treatment. Participants are invited to present cases with those and other ICD-10/ DSM V- disorders. Behavior therapy can be applied as an adjunct to other approaches like client-centred or hypnotherapy.

Hans-Jörg Lütgerhorst is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and worked at various psychiatric, psychotherapy and psychosomatic clinics for a period of 35 years.  He currently works as a lecturer and supervisor for universities and various psychotherapy training institutes in Germany.  He has received extensive training in client-centred psychotherapy, behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy.  Hans-Jörg is accredited by the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.  He has authored four academic book articles on the topic of psychotherapeutic treating strategies.  He conducts regular training seminars on various topics, amongst others "The treatment of experiential avoidance", "Cognitive and hypnotherapeutic assertiveness training", "Behavioural addiction" and "Group behaviour therapy". He regularly acts as supervisor for professional psychotherapy training.  Hans-Jörg has lectured and conducted workshops at various national and international congresses.  He acts as expert psychotherapy evaluator for medical insurance companies on a regular basis.

Educational Goals: Acquaintance with the basics of behaviour therapy and acquisition of skills in application.

Reference: Spiegler, M.D. & Guevremont, D.C. (2010): Contemporary Behavior Therapy. Wadsworth: Belmont