Online Ego State Therapy 2023 training  is presented by Dr Woltemade Hartman in affiliation with AICHP, Australia.  

Special fees for SA participants: R4500.00 per 3 day workshop. ( Pay in SA account, invoice issued on registration)

EST I: Principles, Safety and Stabilisation (29-31 May 2023)

EST II: Accessing and Utilising Resourceful Ego States (21-23 Jun 2023)

EST III: Therapy with Symptom Associated Ego States (13-15 Aug 2023)

EST IV: Therapy with Trauma Associated Ego States (19-21 Sept 2023)

EST V: Therapy with Destructive Ego States and Introjects (16-18 Oct 2023)

EST VI: Establishing Internal Safety, Integration and Coherence (13-15 Nov 2023)

EST VII: Masterclass: Advanced Treatment Planning for Flow, Embodiment, Self-actualisation & Post Traumatic Growth (30 Nov – 2 Dec 2023

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