Workshop duration: 90 minutes, 2 or 3 hours; Caveat: Titles are subject to change.

Main Congress Cape Town: English

Mathias Mende: Birds of a feather flock together – Opposites Attract; Perceived Similarity and Diversity as Sources for Traumas and Treasures.
Susan Pinco: An introduction to Brainspotting: A revolutionary Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change.
Phillip Streit: Interventions of Positive Psychology: An Introduction.
Debbie Howes: Transformation: A Constellations therapeutic approach.
Elzette Fritz and Talita Veldsman-Ryan: Connecting the parts through creative arts on the yellow brick road of self-discovery.
Hammel, Stefan: The last 24 Hours of Life: How we Help Patients to Die in Peace. Hypnotherapeutic Approaches with Dying Patients and their Families.
Maggie Phillips: Somatic Ego-State Therapy: Healing the Heart of Trauma.
Tobi B. Goldfus: Young People, Smart Phones and the Power of Social Media: Using Hypnotherapy and Somatic Experiencing to Activate Healthy Ego States and Charge Up the ‘Inner Selfie’.
Elsa Struwig and Charmaine Van Der Spuy: Sensory-Somatic Play Therapy: An Approach To Complex Childhood Trauma.
Ursula Helle: The 8 stages of integration.
Margarete Kruczek-Schumacher: Wingwaves®: Psycho-Trauma Therapy
Rick Miller: Gay Sons and Their Mothers: The Relational Mystique Conveyed through an Ericksonian Lens.
Nicole Ruysschaert: Developing resilience to deal with professional (health care) challenges.
Rick Miller and Tobi Goldfus: Is a mistake truly a mistake? Looking into the mirror with naked honesty: Transforming blunders, strengths and vulnerabilities into self-acceptance.
Camillo Loriedo: Deep Hypnosis: Induction And Utilization In Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.
Mark Jensen: Hypnotic Management of Chronic Pain.
Claude Virot: Auto-Hypnosis for Surgery and for Personal life.
Kerstin Schnurre: Nonverbal Hypnosis in Dentistry.
Silke Grossbach: Caught in the protection of rigidity: A psychodynamic view of the defense mechanisms – when ego states protect, but their defense becomes dysfunctional.
Claudia Müller-Quade: Everyone has their Reflecting Team with them: Ego State Therapy and the work with the inner or outer reflecting team.
Dr. med Jochen Peichl: "We are not Shrinks, we are Integrators" - Dan Siegel meets Jack Watkins: How does Integration succeed in Ego State Therapy?

Main Congress Cape Town: German

Elfie Cronauer und Susanne Leutner: Ego-State-Therapie Basics in Deutsch.
Claudia Müller-Quade: Jeder hat sein Reflecting Team dabei. Ego-State Therapie und die Arbeit mit dem inneren oder äußeren Reflecting Team.
Jochen Peichl: "Wortlose Angst und bildloser Schrecken - Arbeit am "frühen Trauma" mit Timeline- und Ego-State-Therapie“.
Ursula Helle: Die 8 Stufen der Integration.
Susy Signer Fischer: ADS, ADHS, Asperger und Co. Hypnosystemische Methoden im Umgang mit den 3 As.
Veit Messmer: Hypnotisches Arbeiten mit Kindern und Jugendlichen.
Allan Krupka: Gib Zahnschlafkügelchen und die Angst vor der Spritze war einmal.

Post Congress: English

Jenny da Silva Faqa: Ego State Therapy with Children
Debbie Howes: TRAUMA: Catalyst for change?
Tobi B. Goldfus: The Art of Digital Zen: Balancing Social Media with Real Life: Making Evocative Connections Come Alive.
Hammel, Stefan: Hypnotherapeutic Storytelling in Trauma therapy. Using Metaphors for overcoming Trauma.
Camillo Loriedo: Using Hypnosis with Couples and Families
Elzette Fritz en Joy Nel: Into the Labyrinth with Ego State Therapy… Journey through the labyrinth: Exploring your parts and inner strength
Joy Nel: Finding the Totem within… Superimposing Totem psychology onto Ego State Therapy
Rick Miller: The Many Faces of Masculinity: Learning from Others, Embracing All Parts
Susan Pinco: Healing in the Space between the Words: Exploring the intersection of Hypnosis, Neurobiology, and Quantum Physics
Claude Virot: Auto-Hypnosis: Basic level and future anticipation
Mark Jensen: Hypnotic Reflective Listening: Using Open Questions and Reflective Listening to Boost Treatment Efficacy
Silke Grossbach: Creativity in Ego State Therapy with TIMES: Transparent Imaginary Mapping of Ego States
Jacqui von Cziffra Bergs: The Soulution Focused Whisperer to clients managing Trauma.

Post Congress German

Daniela Müller: „Zurück in die Zukunft“: Ego-State Therapie auf der Timeline mit Elementen aus der Somatic Experiencing und SOMA
Susanna Leutner: Heilsame Netzwerke: EMDR und Ego-States
Mathias Mende: Sicher Auftreten? Keine Kunst! Hypnotherapie bei sozialen Phobien
Susy Signer Fischer: Sich den dunklen Seiten stellen: Teilearbeit und Hypnose bei Delinquenz, Grenzüberschreitungen, Gewalt, verordneter Psychotherapie
Veit Messmer: Wirksame und effektive Schnellinduktionen
Silke Grossbach: Kreativität in der Ego-State-Therapie nutzen mit TIMES: Transparent Imaginary Mapping of Ego States
Phillip Streit: Shame and Dignity in the Work with Children, Adolescents and their Families– in German
Charlotte Wirl: Therapeutische Geschichten und Metaphern in der Ego-State und Hypno-Therapie